About us

We started Deliciously Dutch in November 2010. We have lived in Australia since 2007 and have a lot of visitors (friends and family) from the Netherlands over for holidays. They always ask us the same thing when they are preparing for their trip to Melbourne: “What should we bring?” We’ve always answered with just one word: “STROOPWAFELS!!!” In our opinion, stroopwafels are the best Dutch culinary invention ever (#2 would be kroketten; #3, filled speculaas, drop and curry sauce complete the top 5). The problem is that friends and family can only bring a limited amount and the surrogate Syrup waffles they sell in some supermarkets in Melbourne are just not worth the money as they are chewy and just don’t even come close to the real Dutch Stroopwafel. There was only one solution:"Bring the things we miss to Melbourne". So that is what we are doing with 'Deliciously Dutch' and we are sharing it with everyone.
In December 2010 we went back to the Netherlands to find the original recipe for the stroopwafels. We found what we were looking for and brought it back to Melbourne. We are now baking our own stroopwafels, using specialized equipment according to traditional recipe. As of 2011 you can find our Deliciously Dutch Stroopwafels on various markets and events in the greater Melbourne area. Check our website where you can find us and come to taste and judge for yourself.....

René and Anouk